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# Hudba

To chceš slyšet

takhle zní portless chci to slyšet

Album BACK Front Cover


  1. Jump (feat. Henry D)
  2. Hating (feat. Henry D)
  3. Check My Sound (feat. Henry D)
  4. Casio (feat. Henry D)
  5. Good Man (feat. Henry D)
  6. Strip Me (feat. Henry D)
  7. Really Classy (feat. Henry D)
  8. Five Dead Dogs (feat. Henry D)

Album NEW RIDE Front Cover

New Ride

  1. To Be Together
  2. Safe Flight
  3. Dream a Dream
  4. Hero
  5. Take the Look
  6. New Ride
  7. Runaway
  8. Storm
  9. Get What You Wish
  10. Bite Ya Lip